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There's Nothing More NYC Than "Odeon"

November 5, 2019- November 7, 2019

by Terry 'Cebo' Carr

Okay, a stomp and clap always starts off what is about to happen. Whether it’s lunchroom rapping to catching the holy ghost on Sunday a stomp and clap starts it off; more affectionately know as the boom bap on the street. That is exactly how Mannon and Mega Watt set it off. Then on to the stage walks the Canadian one-leg-ditty-bop-having Asian sensation herself, Ms. Vee! I am trying to paint this picture for y’all who missed this spectacle.

Okay! Followed by mother Africa herself LaNaija and the lady of top rock, Teena. The the lights seemed to dim and there was no spotlight, but he was bright, Mr. Mizrahi himself, Omari, graces the stage. You know the strength of an artist when they are surrounded by some of the top dancers in the world and make it seem like we all in the club. That is exactly what Bounce does. She is the glue to all this phenomenal talent.

It was 90 minutes of just greatness. Israel, France, Vancouver, Pittsburgh, Queens, Brooklyn representing street and club culture to Brazilian samba music-- can’t think of anything more New York than that. We all have contributions to give to this culture, but as long as we always pay homage to where it came from there is nothing more real than that...and Real will always Recognize Real!!

I can’t tell you all how great this show is from the floor work to polyrhythmic clap dance sessions. Let’s not even forget the partner work. Pure greatness all in an hour. Quick, direct, and straight to the point! This show is fire I would say go see it but like all great things it’s for a limited time. So keep an eye open for their return. Thank you "Odeon" for recharging my creative side and letting the world see just what happens at 2am on any given night in the city that never sleeps. One nation under a groove getting down for the funk of it for real for real!!!!!

"Odeon" Ephrat Asherie Dance @ The Joyce Theater: News & Updates
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